Add Functionality and
Flair to Your Bathroom

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Get custom shower installation services in Fort Worth, TX

Does your bathroom feel cramped or outdated? A custom shower is one of the best ways to transform your lackluster bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Salvation Home Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX specializes in custom shower remodels. Our professionals can redesign your bathroom layout to allow for a custom shower installation.

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Your bathroom-reimagined

A traditional shower / tub combo may be functional, but it can really put a damper on the appearance of your bathroom. Turn to Salvation Home Remodeling for custom shower installation services. Our professionals can handle everything from start to finish, including:

  • Design – You’ll work with our professional contractor to decide on the details of your shower stall, such as shelving, built-in-seating and shower windows.
  • Preparation – We’ll demolish your old bathroom features and make your new space more functional and luxurious.
  • Installation – We’ll build out your shower stall, lay your choice of premium tile and install custom showerheads and massage jets.

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Custom Shower FAQ

Q: Do you install zero threshold showers?
A: Yes, we install curbless showers. Curbless showers are a great option for anyone with physical disabilities.

Q: Do I need to contact a plumber when installing a new shower?
A: No, at Salvation Home Remodeling we will provide all of your plumbing solutions.

Q: Do you provide custom tiling for showers?
A: Absolutely, with many styles and patterns to choose from, we'll help you decide on the perfect custom tile to fit your shower and bathroom.

Q: How big does a walk-in shower need to be to not have a door?
A: Walk-in shower entrances need to be approximately 5.5 - 6 feet in length.

Q: Do you provide custom shower installations for those who are disabled?
A: Yes. We will help design a custom shower that suits your needs. Can create a one-of-a-kind custom shower with wheelchair access, grab bars, built-in or fold-down benches.